Saoirse Exton

Saoirse Exton is a 19 year old climate justice activist originally from Limerick City, Ireland. At the age of 13, Saoirse began climate striking outside local governmental buildings, founding a branch of the Fridays for Future movement in her locality. Saoirse believes that through reconnecting with native languages, such as Irish, and traditional forms of storytelling, we can begin to understand the sanctity of the world around us and just how necessary it is for all of us to defend it. Building our understanding of the planet as a series of interconnected ecosystems, of which we are a part, can help us to deconstruct the colonialist and extractivist narratives that have been fed to us by capitalist systems of oppression. Saoirse is the youngest ever member of the UN Secretary General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change.


  • Plenary 8: Is There A Distinctive island of Ireland Response To Wellbeing Economics: Culture and the Social Imaginary
  • Closing Session