Prof. Patrick Brereton

Emeritus Professor Pat Brereton worked in the UK before coming back in 2001 where he lectured and was head of the School of Communications at Dublin City University (DCU) Ireland. He is co-director of the Climate and Society Research Centre and is currently working on an oral history of farming in the Midlands. His books include Hollywood Utopia: Ecology in Contemporary American Cinema (2005); the Historical Dictionary of Irish Cinema (2007) with Roddy Flynn, Smart Cinema: DVD Add-ons and New Audience Pleasures (2012); Environmental Ethics and Film (2016); Environmental Literacy: Digital Media Audiences (2019), Essential Concepts of Environmental Communication: An A-Z Guide (2022) and has co-edited a reader titled Ireland and the Climate Crisis (2020). Throughout his research he has striving to build research bridges across the Humanities and Social Sciences together with STEM research to address the ongoing challenges of Climate Change.


  • Breakout 1A: How can food, agriculture, forestry and land use contribute optimally to a wellbeing economy, and what is needed to bring this about?