Jess Spear

Jess Spear is an ecosocialist activist and local organiser for People Before Profit. Jess is originally from America where she worked as a climate scientist for the US Geological Survey and micropaleontologist at the Burke Museum of Natural History at University of Washington before leaving her science career behind to work full time as a community and socialist organiser. She was the volunteer organiser for the Kshama Sawant campaign, which elected the first socialist to city council in 100 years. As the Organising Director of 15 NOW, a community and trade union coalition, Jess helped lead the successful campaign for a $15 minimum wage for Seattle workers. Since moving to Ireland in 2017, she has been involved in numerous environmental and social justice movements. Jess is co-founder of the revolutionary Marxist group RISE and is an editor of Rupture magazine.


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