Dr. Clare Kelly

Clare Kelly PhD is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology and Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, and a Principal Investigator at Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience (https://immalab.wordpress.com/).

Although originally a developmental cognitive neuroscientist, Clare’s focus has recently broadened to include teaching, research, and advocacy on the climate and biodiversity crisis. She has been awarded Trinity’s Sustainability Leadership Award and the School of Psychology’s Teaching Award for her commitment to undergraduate education for sustainable development and her undergraduate module and Trinity Elective, The Psychology of the Climate Crisis.  

She recently co-authored the paper “Rethinking Academia in a Time of Climate Crisis“, which argues that many aspects of scientific culture and practice act as a barrier to climate action. Inspired by Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics, the paper proposes seven new ways of thinking that will help us to reimagine academia in a way that works better for people and enables climate action.


  • Plenary 2: What is the role of universities in rethinking growth, promoting a just transition and advancing climate justice?